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Rebecca Oaks MICFor, BSc (hons)

My woodland consultancy business has been going a couple of years now and things have been busy so far!  Previously I was RDPE Forester for Cumbria Woodlands, where I ran the highly successful Woodland Advisory Service, now I am able to provide woodland advice on a freelance basis. Prior to that I had twenty years’ experience of the coppice industry, having built a thriving business as a coppice merchant.

Work undertaken this year:

  • Applying for the new Countryside Stewardship Grants
  • Managing my clients existing EWGS Woodland Grants
  • Writing woodland management plans for clients
  • Obtaining felling licences for clients
  • Conducted a mini marketing survey and report on Coppicing in the Rusland Valley for the Rusland Horizons HLF project
  • Did the research and wrote a woodfuel directory ‘Feel Good about Wood’ for the Arnside and Silverdale AONB Bittern Countryside CIC
  • Follow up on the research project on volunteer working in the conservation sector


If you have a woodland and need help to realise its full potential or just pointing in the right direction I can offer a full range of practical, financial and experience based solutions for woodland owners.

  • Advice and support on grant applications
  • Management plans
  • Felling licences
  • New woodland creation
  • Coppicing
  • Coppice products
  • Woodfuel, including firewood and charcoal
  • Value adding to timber products
  • I look forward to hearing from you.